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Atia {bed}

untoldsarcasm in patrice_pike

Just joined ;) Hi!

I just read this and thought it was cute, it may be nothing new though...

She has been performing and writing her own songs since she was 16! (her first song was when she was 4 and it was about a sad cow who couldn't cross the road)

Also her full bio...
Many people have come to know Patrice Pike from her years as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the popular Austin band Sister Seven. When I was Sixteen years old, I recognized a feeling of a void in life. I started writing lyrics and I thought if I could be successful in the music business, I could earn the resources to build a community where things could be done differently. So I joined a band. Patrice and Sister Seven toured the United States and Western Europe in support of three independent releases and three major label albums. From Sister Sevens jam-band beginnings to their Billboard-charting radio singles, they headlined clubs and supported major event tours.

There is no record of Patrice Pike having to lift up a cauldron of water and hot coals with her forearms, branding the symbol of an ancient musical order on her wrists as she earned her chops. Other than that, Pikes path to music pretty much resembled her skills...You can hear it in her voice. It isn't the over-trained perfection of a vibrato-obsessed diva...When she barks, when she pleads, when she seduces, it is with intent and you feel what she wants you to feel. Jordan Harper writing for the Riverfront Times, St Louis.

Over the years Patrice Pike has been performing on stage with many artists including Dave Matthews, Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant, Blues Traveler, the Allman Brothers and the Indigo Girls as well as opening sets for the late great Ray Charles, Cake, Soul Asylum, Cheap Trick, The Neville Brothers and more. The disbanding of Sister Seven and the release of her first full length solo studio album Fencing Under Fire as well as the recent live unplugged CD Live at the Brushwood Lounge has established Patrice Pike as one of the best independent artists today. Patrice recorded Fencing Under Fire with former band mate and co-owner of her label ZainWayne Records along with Jim Watts and Ethan Allan and released the album in 2002. Her single Ms. Ramona was in the top ten most added on AAA stations for several weeks being the only totally independent album with no major label or major indie ties on the charts along side Sonny Landreth, Dar Williams, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and David Grey.

Now in 2006 Patrice is finishing her record Unraveling co-produced by Billy Cassis and Darwin Smith. This record is a culmination of several years of writing and recording a mix of her best work to date. Patrice is more and more becoming best known not just for her phenomenal vocal style and strength, but also for her exceptional songwriting which is diverse in style and sonic approach. Her new CD Unraveling is a mix of Roots Rock, Soul, Ambient Pop Rock and New Generation American Folk. Her records both with Sister Seven as well as solo have always been fearless about mixing styles of music, by focusing on the message and the musicianship as a cornerstone of consistency. Rob Patterson of the Dallas Observer writes, Her new music is more modern and adventurous, rich with the personal intimacy Pike can forge with strangers.

Patrice's recent success points to her song writing skill, as she along with co-writers Wayne Sutton, Darrell Phillips, and Sean Phillips have been awarded Grand Prize Overall and First Prize Rock for their song My Three Wishes in the 2004 USA Songwriting Competition. In the same competition Nobody Knows took Top 10 in Pop. Nobody Knows co-written with John Shanks and Darrell Phillips , was also a top 3 finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition in the R&B category in 2005. Also recently Patrice's song Unraveling garnered an honorable mention in the 2005 Mountain Stage NewSong Contest, presented by Performing Songwriter Magazine. Now in the first quarter of this year, International Songwriting Competition awarded Honorable Mention for My Three Wishes in the Rock category. Her sense for lyrics, melody, progression and arrangement is winning international recognition, having competed with hundreds of thousands of entries from all over the world.

Patrice's thoughts now about the dream: I've discovered over the years in all the people Ive met that community is a state of mind. It's a way of living in the world. I still want to build that community into a tangible space, as some other great people are doing around the world, despite the dominant paradigm. Doing these things through art and communication is a blessing that I am grateful for everyday.


Ah, I love her!!!

**Sooo glad that you joined!:D
I noticed, lol. (and you seriously have got to be the fastest person to reply ever!)

Do you possibly have any other songs by her that you could upload please...? (don't worry if it's too much trouble)
Hahaha. I'm always on the computer and always on LJ! lol.

Yeah, sure!!! I actually wanted to, but I needed a reason...And here it is!! I'll start uploading some now.
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